Absence of Writing

I could say I am sorry for not writing daily or even every couple of days. I could say I was so busy writing my book I didn’t have a chance to stop and drop a few lines on this website. What I am going to say is I have depression and that triggers can happen. One such trigger happened last week.

Our oldest daughter was in a very bad car accident. Immediate care was taken to find the source and stop internal bleeding. She had part of small intestine removed, does have a fractured pelvis and also has an arm broken in three places near the elbow. She has been heavily sedated as more surgery was done the next day, one yesterday, and looks like more in the future.

The good news is she is somewhat aware of what is going on now. She does not remember the accident but that is normal. Most persons have memory issues after severe trauma to the body. Some memory returns completely, some may be a partial return, and some maybe never get those memories back. All we can do is pray that the physicians and healthcare workers work their magic and we will accept what the Lord thinks is best!

Please, if you wish, pray for recovery so that our grandsons will continue having a mother who can fully communicate with them. The Lord’s love is always there and always needed. Thank you!💖

Tuesday’s Thoughts

Obviously, I missed Monday. No excuse. Flat forgot! I received a nice package from Amazon of items I purchased Prime Day. Most were underwearables so I will not bore you with descriptions. However, I did get the newest Kindle Fire HD 10″ Tablet (11th generation.) I haven’t used it much except to enter the necessary personal information needed to register the product. So easy as all the information you inprint to the tablet is automatically transferred to the website so no need to enter twice! Awesome tranferring of all books, and since they added the series feature, in a nice compact setting so makes it very easy and quick to find the one you are searching to read. Naturally, I went into a rabbit hole of noticing books I had gotten long ago appearing like magic. I may not purchase another book for decades with over 10,000 titles to choose!

I also did a quick grocery run to get more fruit and other items for stock. I also purchased a blood glucose meter since I seem to be fighting the diabetes’s war. Since getting the reading of pre-diabetes I have been trying to watch my diet even closer. I realized I rarely eat items with added sugars so this may be a physiological issue due to other medical illnesses in my body. Naturally, the professional medical advice is needed but I also, having worked in the healthcare profession in the past, knew I could get a start by watching my blood glucose levels on a daily basis. Ah, nothing more than another blip in my life journey!

Looks like our next adventure to see grandchildren is coming up in the second week of July. I will attempt to write daily even then although pure tiredness may make that attempt feeble. We shall see. What adventures are you and your family off to do, see, and/or hear in the near future? Let me know because, as always, inquiring minds want to know! Have a terrific Tuesday! 🤗💖

Friday Forethoughts

In my decision to put to paper thoughts floating (or flying depending on the day) there were many ideas to consider. Would what I am writing about hurt anyone? This was put to rest very quickly as characters I would speak of are mainly not apart of the living. I had already chosen to stay with fiction because some locations, other persons involved, or actual titles are very fuzzy in memory or are thoughts of one of the characters. You never can be sure if memories are accurate, particularly when you are merely the vessel of voice.

However, today I came across an article by Dianne E. Butts that answered a personal question (worry?) I have been pondering for some time. Why am I choosing to put this on paper. I know one of the biggest “fears” I have is the fear of failure. Which is a very thin line to fear of success. I have “failed” at other endeavors in the past – although, many have been cause by emotional or psychological reasons which I will go into on a future post.

As I noted, this “fear” is a very thin line to fear of success. What if this is successful? Would my inner self be crushed believing I did this as a self-serving project? This puts me back to why am I deciding to do this now? I feel that reading the article Ms. Butts wrote in 2016 is a direct answer to that question. That being said, a new journey has begun!

Throwback Thursday?

Why do we call it “throwback” Thursday? Some days I think many of those days in my past should be put into Manic Monday or Wild Wednesday! Who comes up with these ridiculous names for days of the week? Fine, I like Thankful Thursday! I know I have had days I fondly remember and those memories do belong in Thankful Thursdays!

The English language is tough enough to learn without adding more weirdness. Most persons have enough trouble figuring out whether or weather, their or there or they’re, and see or saw or have seen are the proper terms in writing without adding additional issues to the already crowded language!

Okay, I am off my “soapbox” and wonder, “what do YOU think?” Comment below and let me know! Also, have a Fantastic Friday! (See what I did there?! 😇😈

Tuesday thoughts

Thinking of how Blessed I am. 🙏

I put a heart emoticon♥ by the states I have lived, visited, or driven through:

* Alabama ❤️ * Arizona ❤️ * Arkansas ❤️ * California ❤️ * Colorado ❤️ * Connecticut ❤️ * Delaware ❤️ * Florida❤️ * Georgia ❤️ * Idaho ❤️ * Illinois ❤️ * Indiana ❤️ * Iowa ❤️ * Kansas ❤️ * Kentucky ❤️ * Louisiana ❤️ * Maine ❤️ * Maryland ❤️ * Massachusetts ❤️ * Michigan ❤️ * Minnesota ❤️ * Mississippi ❤️ * Missouri ❤️ * Montana ❤️ * Nebraska ❤️ * Nevada ❤️ * New Hampshire ❤️ * New Jersey ❤️ * New Mexico❤️ * New York ❤️ * North Carolina ❤️ * North Dakota ❤️ * Ohio ❤️ * Oklahoma ❤️ * Pennsylvania ❤️ * Rhode Island ❤️ * South Carolina ❤️ * South Dakota❤️ * Tennessee ❤️ * Texas ❤️ * Utah ❤️ * Vermont ❤️ * Virginia ❤️* Washington * Washington, D.C. ❤️ * West Virginia ❤️ * Wisconsin ❤️ * Wyoming ❤️

States I have yet to visit:

* Alaska * Hawaii * Oregon * Washington

The average is 8. How do you match up? Comment below!

Monday Moods

Good morning! A weekend of reading a very interesting and helpful book on writing kept me in a positive mood. I stopped at end of chapter 22 of Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel1 by the very talented mystery writer, Becky Clark2. I had no idea there were so many different approaches to the start of putting a book together. I would have said I will probably be a “pantser” but after reading the outline section of this book, it appears I may use the “plotter” method of writing my story (or stories.) More on this at a later date when my focus becomes clearer on directions I wish to pursue in this writing quest.

Since I did not, nor plan to, post on the weekend, I pray all had an wonderous time in whatever adventures they chose. I also truly wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day, regardless of existence on earth or not, man or female, married or not, birth father or not, and what generation this awesome person belonged. I enjoyed a lot of fond memories of my father, (step)grandfather, and other father figures in my life all of which have been removed from earth far too soon. I was not as sad this weekend as I have been in the past. I have finally found peace in those memories.

What is on the agenda for today? Starting early, mowing the rest of the yard is first on the list. Perhaps write a bit in a journal of ideas of “the book.” Some laundry is needed and other chores to to break in the time of writing. Naturally, there will be some social activities for support of other writer friends and general chatting of various subjects to keep a smile on my face. There will be plenty of furbaby play time and conversations with hubby to not let seriousness get me stressed. He is a wonderful stress reliever with his spontaneous jokes and quips!

Did you enjoy the weekend and/or father’s day? What is on your agenda for the day? Please comment below and have a magical Monday!

Friday Focus

This weekend, I will get started on “the story” meaning I will decide what direction I wish to first focus. First I will be reading several helpful articles and books for beginning writers. This is my largest issue when I decided to put down all the thoughts, emotions, and ideas floating around in my brain. I never attempted writing anything down, partially because I thought I will always keep this in my mind whenever I need the information upfront and center. Then life happened along the way so now I want to start writing things down so I can remember it later…like 5 or 10 minutes later. 😉

When and why did I want to write a story? Where did I see that I needed to write my story? Perhaps from reading articles of persons that said they had gotten the writing bug at a much later date (in there “retirement ages”) piqued my interest. Also, people have been telling me for years that I need to write a story of life including all the disruptions and mayhem along the way from birth to present. I had said it would end up as long as an encyclopedia!

As I read more books, I started thinking I could make sections of various happenings in my life. Further in that thought, why not make it fictional so I do not step on anyone’s feet or hurt anyone’s feelings. That’s when it hit me to combine real happening to mystery fiction. Granted, no one has been killed (at least I hope not) in any of the various situations of my many years of living. However, do all mysteries have to be a murder? Or should I add one? I am undecided on that note which has hindered me from further action.

No more. I will just write and, I wager, an opportunity will work out giving me an internal (or external) clue as to where to pursue the best path. I have faith.

What do you think? Am I sounding crazy or is this direction a path to try for a while? Comment below and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday thoughts

The day was warm, sunny, and had a light breeze. This makes outdoor activities much more pleasant. Normally, at this time of the year our area of the county is in the 90℉ range with very low humidity and little to no wind. Standing out in the sun is discouraged as heat exhaustion is very likely after a relatively small time.

Since the days here get fairly warm fairly soon in the morning, any trip into the public are done quite early in the day. Today, grocery visit was on the list. I had made an online order to one of our supermarkets last night. All I had to do today was drive to the curbside pick-up area and soon an associate was bringing a cart of basket with my order. Surprising, everything in the baskets were exactly what I had ordered. Prior visits during the more urgent pandemic time normally had substitutions or reported outage of the products. This made my day extremely happy. My husband and I were hoping to get all the items needed for a special recipe we make, freeze, and enjoy for several meals.

I took more notice to my neighbors across the street. Apparently, they are replacing the air conditioning system. If their system was similar to the one in our home, it probably was over 20 years old. It took most of the day but it seems the job was completed long before the darkness was setting in for the evening. I am glad they will enjoy the system, particularly as the weather continues in the climb to the triple heat temperature for sure in August.

How was your Thursday? Some people call this day of the week “Throwback Thursday” and other call it “Thankful Thursday.” This was both for us as be made a throwback recipe that is one of our signature meals and Thankful that we were able to get all of the items in one grocery trip!

Please comment below and have a fantastic Friday!

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