Wild Month

Wow, this last month was a wild ride. We had hurricanes, earthquakes, surges of COVID-19, starting of the flu season, election debates, early election voting, two full moons (with the 2nd being Blue Moon), and Halloween! What a month.

Now we are in November. We have had the elections and new president-elect preparing for inauguration in January while our present president refuses to concede from office. We have an even higher surge of the novel coronavirus with hospitals across the country (and globally) filling to scary levels. Meteorologists have just named a new (record-breaking) tropical storm. And we are only on the 10th day of the month!

With all the weird news, my take on life is to just be patient, sit back, and wait. This year may have given us a huge upset on what we will be calling “normal” for quite some time but we have had some wonderful things happen this year, also! There have been baby showers, births, engagements announcements, weddings (smaller than originally thought), small private birthday parties, and rescues of both humans and animals. We have shown how to be caring, considerate, and compassionate. We have shown our real strength is inside individuals and the combination of community, counties, states, and nations. We have shown that no matter how dire the situations, we will overcome that and build a stronger, reliable, and long-standing commitment to our world.

Where are you, today?

Where are you, today? What have you done to excel in your dream?

Maintain belief that you will latch onto that elusive dream (whatever it may be for you) but only if you persevere. As long as what you do is your passion, good will come of it; do not let time be your deciding factor. Follow the heart and paths widen and doors open.

This is my advise to my readers as well as myself. I have not achieved my actual purpose on this earth. I can say that with a clear voice. However, I do know that it involves caring for others, compassion for one’s abilities, and the imagination of many to assist in me finding the exact path. I have a strong inner being now so I can use my weaknesses to find all my strength.

I hope that you will question, comment, argue, or laugh at me. This is life – a long-term learning experience that (should) accelerate our personal and commercial wealth. I am not speaking of monies, although it is helpful, but of innermost wealth. The feeling only one can achieve when they have did there very best. We all have seen that warmth a child gets when they have made their parents smile! The whole world is waiting for YOUR best.

What a beautiful morning!

When I open my eyes most mornings it is still dark outside. I don’t know how it happened but somewhere in my life I have become a morning person. Part of that, of course, has to do with having three furbabies that wake me up and indicate an outside visit is desperately needed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How do we end up with the changes that occur in our lives almost without notice until many years later? My opinion is these happen so slowly and that they are ongoing all of our time on this earth! Change is inevitable and trying to maintain life without change makes life static and without purpose.

This is where the artistic inside of you makes the difference. We all look at the outside of ourselves totally different than the inner being. Whether you are a painter, writer, musician, photographer, or into any other artistic profession, you allow the inner being out for inspection. Maybe just to those close to you or, more likely, out for the world to see, hear, touch, or feel and this is part of the everchanging change that helps family, friends, and others to understand, though they may be individualistic, they are also apart of the whole. You are the people I wish for the rest of the like-minded to find.

Feel free to comment below or contact me to discuss showcasing YOUR art!

Start the week

Hello! Wow, a beautiful start to this week with partly cloud sky and mild temperatures for down here in west central Texas. We can actually say this is fall weather!

What is your week plans? I will be introducing some of my favorite friends and their websites to have a look at their particular art and/or writing styles.

Today’s highlight is Steve Curtis and his fantastic page, Steve Curtis Art. This is an exceptional artist that has been in his business over 30 years. I love Steve’s woodcraft that can be seen at his Facebook art room page: https://www.facebook.com/Steve-Curtis-Art-1608536909158434

This is a sample of his work!

Have a magical Monday!

My Journey Begins

This is my first attempt at having a blog. Since this is new to me, please let me know what I am doing right and, of course, what I may be doing wrong. I intend this blog to include all “cozy” arts. This will include discussions, interviews, and spotlights of various artists in this new world we are now living. I only request all to please be patient with me and, in doing so, we will communicate YOUR art with better, more widespread readers and listeners along with ones with higher understandings and appreciation of your works!